For the purpose of risk and profit optimisation, the fund’s managed capital is distributed on four investment sub-portfolios controlled by Clos Belmont Finance. All means received from CBF token distribution will be invested in the Fund.

Fund assets to be audited by international independent audit firm Baker Tilly.

Assets will be distributed on following sub portfolios as:

● CryptoOptimal Fund – is focused on hedging of risks, accumulation of value, and active portfolio management of digital assets. Conservative sub portfolio: 30%
● CryptoMining Fund – capital is invested into maintenance of distributed platform and creation of new blocks by means of computer algorithm with a possibility to get rewards in a form of new units and commission fees in the form of digital assets: 20%
● CryptoActive Fund – concentrates on day trade and arbitrage in digital assets, characterised by higher income and risk levels: 30%
● CryptoVenture Fund – offers highest potential of profitability and risk (selection of ICO projects, participation in pre-sales, and regular market monitoring): 20%