Clos Belmont Finance is a renowned management company, which has attracted and executed perfect wealth management practices since 2005. Blockchain technologies and the burst of crypto space has turned classical company to transform into an innovating one.

The company’s primary investment activity is currently directed towards the creation of the most advantageous digital assets portfolio (coins, crypto currencies, and tokens), day trade assets mining and arbitrage, as well as investment into the most perspective ICO (initial coin offerings) and ITO (initial token offerings).

History of the Company

Founded in 2005, Clos Belmont Finance combines impressive track record in classical finance using modern management technologies. Since 2017, the company focuses on rapidly growing crypto assets markets, and now plans to realize their wild potential. Professional asset managers and proven crypto investors along with prominent technologists are here to boost your blockchain investments.

The CEO Nicolas Kadri is an experienced business manager with a sales and marketing background. His unique talent for international business development and extensive experience in streamlining organisations is known and respected internationally.