Now, there is no more need to personally deal with obstacles, risks, and tantalizing technical barriers associated with storing, transferring, or trading cryptoassets – you have Clos Belmont’s expert team who can very well take care of any investment management issues you may face.

With a mission to provide clients with optimal profit per risk ration in highly volatile digital asset market, Clos Belmont Finance offers services in capital trust management and capital distribution across digital assets using a structured diversification strategy consisting of various instruments of trade and arbitrage.

Advantages of Clos Belmont Finance:

• Transparency and openness – fund operates on blockchain.

• Professionalism – experienced cryptocurrency traders and analytics.

• Diversification – full operating digital assets service package offered through four sub funds.

• Own cryptoventure sub portfolio – purchases tokens of prospective ICOs.

• Security – in-house authentic cold storage service.