Managed by Clos Belmont Finance,
the Belmont

Crypto Fund is a new generation tokenised fund that utilises modern technology and manages assets with a high-level competence. Participation in Belmont Crypto Fund is possible through the purchase of Clos Belmont Finance tokens.

Clos Belmont Fund provides an opportunity to investors looking for an authentic way to move into a decentralised economy. Its team of experienced and expert asset management crypto investors and technologists can help grow your blockchain investments.

Should you wish to invest in a classic venture fund, you will need minimum of $25k. However, to invest in Clos Belmont Fund you can simply become an investor by purchasing recession-proof CBF or CMBC tokens for just one dollar.

Why you should invest in the Fund?

● Diversified – assets are distributed between several sub funds using algorithmic trading instruments to minimise threats.
● Certified trading and ICO/ITO analysis – proven experience in financial markets and classical financial applied to crypto space.
● Transparent – as a result of exploiting ‘multichain’ technology.