1. Do you have twitter or telegram account?
2. What tokens do you propose?
CBFinance offers two types of tokens: CBF and CBMC.
3. How are the tokens produced? 
CBF and CBMC tokens are produced on the base of ‘Multichain’ blockchain platform.
4. How many tokens will be issued? Is the number of tokens fixed?
The number of CBF tokens is 20,000,000 and number of CBMC tokens is 10,000,000. Yes, the number of tokens issued is fixed. However, if the demand for CBF tokens exceeds the number of primary release, additional emissions of tokens will be undertaken.
5. How to invest?
Follow the next steps: register at cbfinance.ch and access your user cabinet. Check your e-mail and access Clos Belmont’s letter with individual links to enter your personal account. The e-mail will not specify the address for sending the cryptocurrency. Please note that a unique address for buying tokens will be shown only in your personal account. You would need to follow your individual link, which will lead you to the personal account. You will be asked to comply with the company’s terms and conditions and its privacy policy. Remember to double-check the domain and its certificate before continuing with the payment procedure. On the payment being made, you will receive a confirmation email followed by the page being updated and you being notified of the transaction number.
6. How will the funds be spent?
All funds gathered during CBMC token sale would be distributed on a covering of the expenses connected with the opening, development, and operating activities of the Clos Belmont. For more info, please refer to the White Paper.
7. How will the tokens be distributed?
CBF tokens will be distributed on following sub portfolios:
CryptoOptimal Fund – 30%
CryptoMining Fund – 20%
CryptoActive Fund – 30%
CryptoVenture Fund – 20%
1. What is Clos Belmont?
Managed by Clos Belmont Finance, Belmont Crypto Fund is a new type of tokenized fund that marries modern technology and managing assets with high level of competence.
2. How will our assets be secured?
Your assets will be kept in safe rooms in Luxembourg, London, and Zurich in cold offline storages on hardware wallets.
3. How will our assets be managed?
Investments are distributed through four diversified investment funds, each with a different level of risk and profitability.
4. What is a cold storage?
A durable hardware device containing full-fledged software and protection, cold storage wallet keeps your digital assets completely offline.
5. Do you have a hot wallet?
Hybrid e-wallet or hot wallet is an app available on the iOS and Android systems. It helps receive and transfer funds, as well as performs exchange operations with Clos Belmont Finance tokens and balance check at cold storage wallet
6. Who is the fund’s auditor?
International independent accountancy and business advisory firm Baker Tilly, which is represented by 126 member firms in 147 countries, audit the fund’s assets.
7. Would you launch your own blockchain?
No. We use the blockchain platform ‘Multichain’ and are happy to continue with it.
8. Where are you based?
In Geneva, Switzerland. Our contact details are: 12 Rue Jean-Calvin 1204 GENEVA Switzerland. Tel: +41225510666. E-mail: info@belmontcrypto.fund or info@closbelmont.com
9. Is there a fee to be paid?
Yes. We charge a modest fee, which includes management fee of 2.5%, premium fee of 20%, while the exit fee is 5%.
10. Is ClosBelmont a platform?
No, it is not a platform. It is, however, a new type of fund, that performs wealth management via blockchain.
11. How would you describe your team?
Our team consists of certified analysts who monitor the cryptocurrency market on a daily basis and carefully analyze new projects to ensure it is the right on for your funds to be invested.
1. How do you guarantee profit and entice investors?
As our fund operates on blockchain, you can be assured of transparency where transactions and security is concerned. The professionalism of cryptocurrency traders and analytics, and sophisticated diversification strategy will keep your assets safe from possible losses. Our own cryptoventure sub-portfolio, which involves purchasing tokens of various ICOs is a definite guarantee that your profits will be maximized wisely.
2. What is the strategy? How would my assets be distributed?
Clos Belmont Fund uses a strategy of diversification with assets distributed on the following sub portfolios: CryptoOptimal Fund, CryptoMining Fund, CryptoActive Fund, and CryptoVenture Fund.
3. Could something like the Dao happen happen to this fund? What about security?
No. Clos Belmont Finance has made a deliberate decision to base its cold storages in the country where clients’ digital assets can be professionally kept safe. The fund considers that hardware wallet (the USB drive or other data storage medium kept in a safe place) is the most protected option for storing client’s digital assets and cryptocurrencies. By keeping your assets in cold storage, your attack surface is greatly diminished.
4. Where are the cold storages based?
The cold storages are based in Switzerland as the country is known for its flawless tradition of private wealth management. Geneva’s ideal geographic position and its liberal and healthy economic environment grants protection to private wealth from around the world.
5. Why choose ClosBelmont?
A last-generation closed-end fund, Clos Belmont Fund utilizes high-end technologies and trades assets professionally and securely. Full fund’s activities are displayed to users due to fund assets operated on blockchain platform ‘Multichain’.
6. What are advantages for CBF tokens owners?
The CBF token provides an opportunity to participate in Clos Belmont Finance activities and to further exchange these tokens for other digital assets. The CBF token price fully reflects the market value of all assets, thereby removing the possibility of speculation. After its listing at stock exchange, Clos Belmont Finance will provide CBF tokens at their real value (reflected in the User's Cabinet) for other digital assets.
7. What are the advantages for CBMC tokens owners?
The CBMC token owner receives dividends to the amount of 20% of Clos Belmont Finance income in proportion to the number of available tokens. The greater the balance of the CBMC owner, the bigger the bonuses: 5,000 CBMC – the closed email subscription newsletter containing reports on the analytics, and selection of perspective digital assets; 10,000 CBMC – free storage for saving hardware wallets; 100,000 CBMC – personalized asset management services; 250,000 CBMC – participation in company's public council.
8. What are the advantages of tokenized funds?
Tokenization of interests in funds (share in profits, assets, or other entities specified in the fund’s memorandum) provides auditability and transparency to the investment process.
9. Do I need to have trading or investment experience in order to invest?
No. One of the best things about investing with Clos Belmont Fund is that we do all of the market research and analysis, and also invest your funds for you.
10. What is my time commitment once I begin investment with Clos Belmont?
Essentially none. Just review your returns on the account statements that we provide. You would otherwise need to spend endless number of hours understanding and researching the market, collaborating with other expert traders, developing advanced trading algorithms, analyzing charts, executing trades, and monitoring assets. We do all of this work for you.
11. What level of transparency do you offer?
We offer full transparency for users due to fund assets operated on blockchain platform ‘Multichain’.
1. How much money do I need to invest?
To invest in Clos Belmont Fund you can simply become an investor by purchasing CBF or CMBC tokens for just one dollar each.
2. How will the fund accept payment?
The fund will accept payment through BTC, LTC, ETH, as well as through fiat USD and EUR.
3. What happens if I make a deposit earlier than 12:00 GMT on 16 January, 2018?
Should you make a deposit earlier than 12:00 GMT on 16 January, 2018, you will need to contact the support team to resolve the issue.
4. Where can I check my current balance?
You can check your current balance and the price of your tokens using an interface for registered users in a browser or mobile app.
5. Is there any investment amount limitation?
No, there is no limt to how much you can invest – it can be as much or as little as you wish.


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