The world’s largest wealth management centre, Switzerland, has built an enviable reputation in private wealth management. Since 2005, Clos Belmont Finance has been successfully securing and managing client’s wealth. In 2017, the company implemented range of technologies for the successful management of digital assets via blockchain.

Clos Belmont Finance considers hardware wallet (USB drive or other data storage medium kept in a safe place) to be the most protected option when it comes to storing client’s digital assets and cryptocurrencies. By keeping your assets in cold storage, your attack surface is greatly diminished.

Cold storage wallet keeps your digital assets completely offline. A durable hardware device containing full-fledged software and protection, it is designed by highly-experienced Clos Belmont Finance developer team.

Hybrid e-wallet or hot wallet is an app available on the iOS and Android systems. It helps receive and transfer funds, as well as performs exchange operations with Clos Belmont Finance tokens and balance check at cold storage wallet.
Cold storage in White Label format.

Clos Belmont Finance offers cold storage system in White Label format through Application Programming Interfaces (API) keys. The company’s VIP clients can avail of this reassuring option.